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When it comes to getting your belongings where they need to be – whether it’s a new residence, new office building, or even a new country – Interstate Moving & Relocation Group, INC is committed to taking the hassle out of your relocation with both convenience and efficiency as a priority.

Our accomplished team of moving professionals will help you plan and organize your move before the first item is packed to ensure things go smoothly and keep the disruption of your everyday life to a minimum. Once the moving plan is in place, you can count on our dedicated staff to handle everything from disassembling furniture and packing items to the more strenuous work of the actual moving process. Whatever your moving needs may be, Interstate Moving & Relocation Group, INC is more than ready to meet them with excellence.


Corporate Moves.

We offer corporate moving services which could range from no-frills, cost effective office moves to custom packing expensive office equipment. Of course, our relocation analyst will consult with you to determine the moves that work best with your company and its budget. However, the moving fee typically covers various costs such as fuel, taxes and tolls, driving, loading as well as offloading.

Long Distance Moves.

We are also the most ideal company for long distance moves. Of course, moving to a new home could be stressful in itself and adding a long distance will only complicate matters. However, through our expertise in moving, we will help you arrive your new destination with all your belongings intact.

Military Moves.

We also extend our services to the military. We plan and coordinate military moves in such a manner that all military equipment arrive their destination intact. Since the military is a delicate and sensitive entity, we do our best to ensure that we involve only highly confidential and trustworthy companies when it comes to transporting military equipment. Of course, we will handle the loading, offloading as well as the transportation of delicate military equipment.

Auto Transportation.

Our company equally has a great reputation for auto transportation. We hook our clients with reputable auto transportation companies with the safest car carriers to ensure that the cars of our clients arrive their destination in excellent conditions. It is our duty to help our clients understand their pickup, shipping and delivery options. Together with the chosen moving company, we will ensure that your car arrives its destination in time because we understand the stress of not having a car in a new place.

Packing Services.

Interstate Moving & Relocation Group INC also has a trusted agent network of companies that offer excellent packing services. With the right packing facilities, these moving companies will ensure that even the most fragile of items arrive the destination in excellent conditions. Of course, we will provide an estimate of services that suit your budget.

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